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The weekly ransomware report, Friday, 19 January

LockBit is on a winning streak as US organisations face the brunt of ransomware attacks.

Security researchers have observed 35 ransomware attacks worldwide in the last seven days.

The most affected country is the United States, with 14 US entities falling victim to ransomware – which is down from last week, as is the global total, down from 39. The United Kingdom ranks second, suffering three attacks, while Brazil, France, and India round out the five top countries most affected by ransomware.

Australia appears to have gotten away scot-free this week, at least when it comes to observed ransomware attacks. Chalk one up for the good guys.

The industries that were struck the most were transportation and logistics, with four attacks, followed by IT services and electrical and electronics manufacturing, with three. The third spot is also tied, the automotive industry and education sector both copping two attacks.

As to who was making those attacks, LockBit is the clear and dubious winner. Nine organisations fell victim to LockBit ransomware this week – and it looks like users of TeamViewer may need to watch out.

LockBit accounted for a total of 26 per cent of all ransomware attacks.

8Base and Akira come next, with five attacks apiece. NONAME targeted four victims, and BianLian three.

There have been 3,478 total ransomware findings to date in 2024, and we are tracking 56 active ransomware groups.

Just the numbers

Thirty-five attacks in the last seven days, down 39 per cent from the previous week.

Threat actors

  • LockBit – 9 ransomware attacks, 26 per cent of the total
  • Akira – 5
  • 8Base – 5
  • NONAME – 4
  • BianLian – 3

Countries impacted

  • US – 14 organisations targeted
  • UK – 3
  • Brazil – 2
  • France – 2
  • India – 2


  • Transportation and logistics – 11 per cent of the total
  • Information technology (IT) services – 3
  • Electrical and electronic manufacturing – 3
  • Automotive – 2
  • Education – 2

A total of 3,478 ransomware findings so far this year.

Fifty-six threat actors have been monitored so far this year.

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