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The Whole Foods Salad Bar Hack To Save A Ton On Grilled Salmon | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

If you love shopping at Whole Foods, but you’re trying to save money, your first stop should be TikTok, which is filled with tons of hacks for pinching pennies in the spendy grocery chain. The tips and tricks are out there, from markdowns and closeouts to preparing copycat recipes of more expensive items and more. Some of the best hacks come from the salad bar — including buying cooked salmon.

If you like the market’s whole-cooked Atlantic salmon filets but don’t like the price (around $24.99 per @shannoncsw/TikTok), head to the salad bar and scoop up a box of shredded salmon for the much cheaper salad bar price of around $8.99 a pound. The same filets of salmon packaged whole are suddenly less than half the price when chopped up. It’s even cheaper than buying salmon raw at the fish counter, which according to Thrillist, is around $13.99 a pound.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything on the salad bar is a steal. Keep that $8.99 price tag in your mind when you’re filling up a to-go box, and keep the size of the box itself in mind when you’re scooping away.


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