The Year I Started Being Afraid

I’ve been in IT since I was a kid.  I was a real, stereotypical nerd.  While other computer nerds were learning to program games, I turned up my nose at their childish efforts and learned database programming because at 12 I actually wanted to write accounting software.  I know, I know, weird.  Anyway I say this to underline the fact I’ve been in technology since PC’s first came out and business technology at that. 
When the Internet and Windows NT got big in the nineties I switched from development to security – so I’ve been there.  But except for a brief period when I got my first constant connection to the Internet, I haven’t been afraid.  I’ve respected the risks of the Internet and the danger from the bad guys on it but I’ve never been paranoid like many of my other colleagues in infosec.  I’ve always taken sensible measures, ran AV most of the time, kept my attack surface small and monitored my logs.  And I’ve only had 2 security incidents over that time.  I got the “Ethan Frome” Word virus which was harmless and after that my Windows 2000 based IIS web site suffered SQL injection once which broke some drop down lists on the site.  
Then Things Started to Change
So, I’ve always felt pretty safe with my informed, common sense approach.  But last year that (continue reading…)

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