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Cybercrooks threaten Bengaluru businessman with drug consignment, extort Rs 95 lakh

  • A businessman in Bengaluru was threatened by cybercrooks with a drug consignment and extorted Rs 95 lakh.
  • The cybercrooks claimed to have sent a drug consignment to the businessman’s address and demanded Rs 95 lakh to ensure its safe delivery.
  • The businessman, fearing arrest, paid the ransom amount to the cybercrooks.
  • The police are investigating the matter and trying to identify the cybercrooks.


Mumbai’s Malabar Hill resident scammed of Rs 27 lakh in stock trading tutorial fraud

  • A resident of Malabar Hill was scammed of Rs 27 lakh in a stock trading tutorial fraud.
  • The victim was contacted by an unknown person who claimed to be an expert stock trader.
  • The scammer promised to teach the victim how to make money in the stock market.
  • The victim paid Rs 27 lakh to the scammer for the stock trading tutorial.
  • However, the victim did not receive any tutorial and lost the money.

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Retired IB officer loses Rs 7.35 lakh in electricity bill payment scam

  • A retired IB officer lost Rs 7.35 lakh in an electricity bill payment scam.
  • The victim received a message on his phone asking him to pay his electricity bill.
  • The victim clicked on the link provided in the message and entered his bank account details.
  • The cybercrooks siphoned off Rs 7.35 lakh from the victim’s account.
  • The police are investigating the matter.


CERT-In: 1.39 million cyberattacks handled in 2022, phishing attacks rise

  • The Cyber Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) has handled 1.39 million cyberattacks in 2022.
  • Phishing attacks were the most common type of cyberattack, accounting for 25% of all cyberattacks in 2022.
  • Malware attacks accounted for 19% of all cyberattacks, while ransomware attacks accounted for 14%.
  • CERT-In has advised users to be cautious while clicking on links in emails and messages, and to only download software from trusted sources.

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Army officer loses over Rs 1 lakh to cyber fraud

  • An army officer lost over Rs 1 lakh to cyber fraud.
  • The victim received a call from an unknown person who claimed to be from an e-commerce company.
  • The scammer told the victim that he had won a prize and asked for his bank account details to claim the prize.
  • The victim provided his bank account details to the scammer.
  • The cybercrooks siphoned off over Rs 1 lakh from the victim’s account.

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Woman pays Rs 5 for courier, loses Rs 80,000

  • A woman in Chandigarh paid Rs 5 for a courier and lost Rs 80,000.
  • The woman received a call from an unknown person who claimed to be from a courier company.
  • The scammer told the woman that she had received a package and asked her to pay Rs 5 for the delivery.
  • The woman paid the Rs 5 and received the package.
  • However, when the woman opened the package, she found that it was empty.
  • The police are investigating the matter.

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E-mobility centre proposes draft to secure e-vehicles from cyber threats

  • The E-mobility Centre has proposed a draft to secure e-vehicles from cyber threats.
  • The draft proposes a number of measures to secure e-vehicles, including:
  • Mandatory installation of cybersecurity systems in e-vehicles.
  • Regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of e-vehicles.
  • Creation of a cybersecurity incident response team.
  • The E-mobility Centre is seeking feedback from stakeholders on the draft.


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