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A WOMAN said her bank account was drained after she tried to find love on an online dating site.

Lisa Becker lost $800 in minutes following a phone call she believed to be from

Lisa Becker said she lost money after using a dating siteCredit: WJLA
The woman said $800 was removed from her bank account after a phone call from someone she believed worked at (stock image used)Credit: Getty – Contributor

The Virginia woman said she had experienced some difficulties signing up to the website so claimed she filed a help request with

Becker then said she received a phone call from someone who claimed to be a representative for the dating website a few days later, according to ABC affiliate WJLA-TV.

“He was so professional throughout the whole call,” she said.

“There was nothing suspect.”

The man told Becker to download the AnyDesk Remote Desktop app on her iPhone and then asked her to follow detailed instructions.

Within an hour the bank account was drained as the man who called Becker turned out to be a scammer.

The money was taken as the AnyDesk app allowed the fraudster to enter the victim’s iTunes account.

Money exited Becker’s account but the scammer told her these were “dummy transfers,” but they were in fact real credit card charges.

Becker said she lost $398 from her checking account, which was sent to Apple Cash and Cash App.

The victim added that she lost a further $400 from her credit card.

Becker shared the moment she realized that she may have been a fraud victim.

“He wanted me to go to a store and buy a pre-paid card,” she said.

“He didn’t specifically say what kind. A pre-paid card so he could put the money back on.”

“Big red flag and throughout the whole call he was texting me access codes from another number,” she added. said it does not offer customer support or services over the phone.

The dating site told Becker they believed she had been the victim of a phishing scam in this situation.

“As these fraudsters are not affiliated with Match, we are unable to offer support with these charges,” they told Becker in an email.

“However, we recommend contacting the payment method provider immediately to report these charges as fraudulent, as well as reporting this matter to the local authorities.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to for comment.

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