Things could get nasty by hackers at FIFA World Cup 2014

The official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup could face a hassle from the hacker group Anonymous, who are angry over the excessive expenditure of the tournament to supply the right and core facilities to the participants of the world cup.

The hacker told from the unknown destination that the test has already been conducted to find out that which of the websites are weak in terms of security. Now, the target is none other than the sponsors of the event. The hacker said that the likely aims are Coca-Cola, Adidas, Budweiser, and Emirates.

The sponsors have not yet replied to this warning of attack. This threat would be another issue for the coordinators of the World Cup, who are already late with the arrangements of the major event. The 32 teams are going to be in this event and the construction of the stadiums was already late costing the extra amount to the country, which has low local services.

Things could get nasty by hackers at FIFA World Cup 2014,,,

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