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Thirteen Speed Monitor Signs Now in Operation in Danville School Zones / Heavy Traffic Areas | #schoolsaftey



The Danville Police Department, the City of Danville, and other community stakeholders are investing in the safety of our community. Thirteen radar-equipped speed monitor signs have been installed across heavily traveled thoroughfares and school zones on Danville city streets. The signs register and display vehicle speeds and gather data used by the police department to determine violations and enforcement needs. The Danville Police Department has handled over 600 traffic crashes so far in 2023, many of which are due to excessive speed.

The safety of our traveling public is one of the priorities of the Danville Police Department. Aggressive driving, speeding, and traffic crash numbers have increased in the last three years. The police department wants to inform and educate our community about traffic safety concerns and the importance of obeying local speed limits and traffic laws. Speed signs already in place have provided promising data showing most drivers in Danville obey speed limit laws but we are requesting compliance from those who don’t.

We ask the community to assist the Danville Police Department in decreasing traffic crashes caused by speeding and aggressive drivers while increasing the safety of those traveling our streets and neighborhoods. In addition, understand that the less time and resources we allocate towards traffic enforcement and traffic crash response and reporting, we can increase the amount of time we spend preventing violence and property crimes that negatively impact our quality of life. Together we can get this done.

Thank you.

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