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Anyone who has a Costco membership knows that it is pure gold. You’re either getting bulk items on a deep discount or discovering new foods you otherwise wouldn’t have—yes, I’m talking about their awesome samples. There’s so much to take advantage of and so many ways to save money but you might not know about this is Costco gift card hack.

Thanks to social media, there are so many life hacks that we’re all learning about. But hacks that help you save money are the holy grail. Especially when you consider with the holidays are coming up and that there’s bound to be a few people on your gift list that are wild cards. That’s where the gift card comes in.

Ravi Wadan, Tiktok user and self-labeled finance educator, recently unlocked one of the best Costco hacks there is. This Costco gift card hack essentially allows you to purchase gift cards in bulk for less than the actual amount of the card.

@raviwadan Start buying gift cards at @Costco Wholesale to save money! #moneysavingtips #costcogiftcards #giftcarddeals #costcotiktok #costcofinds #giftcards ♬ original sound – Ravi Wadan (Finance Education)

Wadan shares his computer screen in the video and shows the LONG list of gift cards that are available on There’s restaurants, games and even gift cards for airlines!

Here are a few examples:

  • Southwest Airlines: $449.99 for a $500 gift card
  • A bundle of 4 Chuck E Cheese cards: $74.99 for a $100 value
  • A bundle of 4 Playstation cards: $89.99 for a $100 value

The comments section is buzzing with everyone raving about these awesome hidden deals. Some people also mentioned that you can find local restaurant gift cards at your local Costco warehouse.

“Yes, Sam’s Club does this too. It’s perfect for Christmas time”

“And then you pay with a 5% cash back card to get even more savings.”

“yes and at the store they sell for local restaurants”

It’s no secret that living expenses have been steadily rising. Anywhere or any place that has hidden deal like this Costco gift card hack is bound to help keep costs low. Sign us up for more savings!


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