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This Cybersecurity Startup Uses AI To Counter Emerging Threats | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

New York-based Jericho Security recently announced a $3 million pre-seed funding round, led by venture firm Era.

The startup aims to leverage AI to combat increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks resulting from advances in generative AI technology. The fresh funding comes as new AI models enable highly personalized and adaptable social engineering scams.

These attacks evade legacy phishing defenses that rely on static rules and outdated training. Jericho Security employs natural language processing and custom language models to simulate realistic and evolving phishing threats.

The goal is to train employees proactively through AI-powered simulations tailored to each user. Conventional anti-phishing tools depend on rigid heuristics and outdated examples that fail against attacks adapting in real-time.

In contrast, Jericho’s AI-centric system continuously co-evolves with emerging threats to keep trainings fresh. The company is currently piloting its AI-powered security awareness platform with major enterprises across finance, healthcare, government, and other sectors at risk of targeted attacks.

For approximately $3 per employee monthly, Jericho aims to make AI-enhanced defense affordable and accessible. The startup was founded earlier this year by veterans of the AI and enterprise software spaces, including ex-CEO of AI startup Agolo, Sage Wohns.

“The rapid emergence of generative AI has put a severe strain on the status quo of corporate cybersecurity. The ease with which attacks can be personalized and adapted at scale has made the traditional approaches almost completely obsolete, virtually overnight,” said Wohns, CEO of Jericho Security.

“Reactive approaches, intended to mitigate lawsuits and bad PR, are wholly insufficient to the desired outcome of actual security. Proactive cybersecurity — actually preventing attacks — takes tools, skills, and culture, and we built Jericho to help organizations do exactly that. Our mission is to defend the world from the new threats of generative AI.”

With their experience applying AI across industries, the team hopes to lead adoption in modern cybersecurity.

Investors believe AI-focused cybersecurity firms like Jericho will become essential as threats employ more sophisticated AI themselves. The funding round reflects growing excitement about AI’s potential to disrupt traditional approaches.

“With the rise in sophistication of AI tools, we believe the new sector around AI containment will be a substantial opportunity, and Jericho has a winning team and the right approach to become the category-leader in this space,” said investor Jasper Lau of Era, who led the round.

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