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Google’s Web Feature Helps You Cut Through the Noise

However, with Google’s AI Overview feature proving to be divisive, the California-based company has given users the option to opt-out by using its recently rolled-out Web filter. Google’s Web filter was announced by Search Liason Danny Sullivan on X (FKA as Twitter), on the same day as the company’s I/O event.

“We’ve added this after hearing from some that there are times when they’d prefer to just see links to web pages in their search results, such as if they’re looking for longer-form text documents, using a device with limited internet access, or those who just prefer text-based results shown separately from search features. If you’re in that group, enjoy!” – Danny Sullivan, Public Liason for Search

According to Sullivan, the filter is aimed at traditional web browsers who prefer to see links to web pages in their search results, instead of additional SERP features. The Web filter is easy to turn on, by selecting the ‘More’ drop down on the right of Google’s search bar, before clicking ‘Web’. However, this will only enable the web view for your current search, not permanently.

You are able to set the web view as your default on Google though. We break down how this can be done, in simple steps, next.


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