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The rivalry between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou is one of the few that keeps the fans glued to their seats. However heated the rivalry may be, some fighters never forget to show well-deserved respect toward their rivals. Without a doubt, Jones and Ngannou fall under such a category.

After running into each other at PFL 5, the UFC heavyweight champion sent out a few words of praise for the Cameroonian fighter. Soon after, the former UFC champion also had a few words for ‘Bones’. Although the friction between the two mixed martial artists has seen sparks fly, the sportsmanship of the fighters seemingly outshines their rivalries. ‘The Predator’ declared that even though he liked the rivalry he had with Jones, there was nothing personal and it was simply business.

Francis Ngannou has nothing personal against Jones


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During the events of PFL 5 in Atlanta, the former UFC heavyweight champion crossed paths with his rival. Ngannou and Jones squared off outside the canvas and exchanged a few words. While the world was disappointed at the fight that never happened, the fighters had nothing but respect for each other.

Later, during an interview with MMA Fighting, Ngannou declared it was nothing but business. He revealed that he didn’t hold anything personal regarding the rivalry. Furthermore, he praised Jones for being a great fighter.

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‘The Predator’ said, “I don’t know. I mean, at the end of the day, this is just a business. I think Jon Jones is on the other side and I’m on the other side. Maybe this fight, this will settle down someday, or not. But at the end of the day, for me, there is nothing personal. It’s a good rivalry that I really like to have with Jon Jones because I think he’s a great fighter.” 

Jon Jones has immense respect for ‘The Predator’

After the run-in with his rival, Jones also sent a few words for Ngannou. He claimed that if there was no fight, they were nothing but brothers. He further showed his respect for Ngannou and claimed it was all cool.


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Jones said, “If we’re not fighting, there’s no reason to have a bunch of beef, especially when we see each other in person. It’s cool to talk trash and keep the fans excited and stuff like that. But if there’s no fight contract, then we’re bros at the end of the day.”


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