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A travel influencer has revealed a clever hack for taking large toiletries abroad when you only have hand luggage.

Steph Gibbs, 28, from London, took to her TikTok account to explain how to get away with the brilliant ruse, which means you don’t have to cram all your liquids into one small plastic bag.

Steph, a hotel product and commercial executive who regularly travels for work, says she’s only tried the hack once, which involves placing a click and collect order from Boots at the airport.

But the results were so magical she decided to share it with friends who she says experienced the same result without ‘encountering any problems’.

The video has since gone viral, with the clip racking up almost 4 million views as some commenters have claimed it’s the ‘best idea ever’.

Steph Gibbs, 28, from London, has shared a genius trick for taking large toiletries abroad without having to use hand luggage
The travel influencer took to her TikTok account to reveal the tip that can save you both time and money
The hack has been a huge hit on TikTok, and has garnered nearly 4 million views

She unveiled the secret in a video posted to her TikTok account, writing: ‘Airport hack for when you have hand luggage only.

‘Place an order for toiletries on the Boots website around a week before you travel – this means you pay the normal price instead of the airport price.

‘Make sure you select the “after security” option.

‘Collect your order once you have cleared security.

‘Now you don’t have to worry about fitting all your liquids in the world’s smallest plastic bag!’

The traveller says the hack works wonders and even took time out to explain the genius idea. 

Steph said: ‘I travel regularly for work and have always struggled to fit my toiletries in the plastic bag provided at security when travelling with hand luggage only.

‘I booked a last-minute trip with my partner and I didn’t have much time to prepare, so I went online to order our toiletries.

Steph is a hotel product and commercial executive who regularly travels for work
She discovered the amazing idea while shopping online for toiletries. She then noticed the option to pick them up at London Gatwick airport after security
Steph says she used to have trouble fitting all her toiletries into the ‘world’s smallest plastic bag’ handed out at airports

‘We were supposed to pick them up at my local Boots when I noticed the option to pick up at London Gatwick after security.

‘I selected my pick-up date on the Boots website and made sure the store was going to be open at the time I would arrive at the airport. 

‘I’ve only used it once, but since I posted the TikTok, my friends have begun using it and haven’t encountered any problems.

The hack has proven to be such a hit, that fellow users flocked to the comments section to share their own tips.

One person shared: ‘I kept an old duty free bag and reuse it’.

The video has since gone viral, with some commenters claiming it’s the ‘best idea ever’

Another said: ‘We’ve been doing this for years. We used to order nappies and baby milk to collect’.

Someone else said: ‘You just saved me like 10kg off my check-in bag’.

One person described it as the ‘best idea ever’.

‘Such a good tip’ said another.

And another person said: ‘So smart’.


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