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In an era dominated by digital connectivity, the question arises: Is the Internet still a realm of reality? The increasing prevalence of bots has sparked curiosity and concern.

What exactly are these bots, and how do they shape our online experiences? An Internet bot, commonly referred to as just a bot, is a software application designed to automate tasks and scripts over the Internet.

While bots offer the potential to streamline processes and provide access to intricate information, they can also pose threats, contributing to a landscape where automated traffic surpasses human interaction.

Bots exist on a spectrum, with beneficial and detrimental implications. These programs execute tasks efficiently, saving time and providing users with detailed data.

However, not all bots have noble intentions. According to Imperva’s “Bad Bot Report,” a startling revelation emerges: Slightly over half of Internet traffic originates from human users, while the remaining portion comprises bots.

Artificial intelligence (Ilustrative) (credit: PIXABAY)

The usage of AI-powered bots has emerged as a vexing challenge for organizations. A University of Baltimore study estimates that in 2020 alone, ad fraud, primarily driven by bots, inflicted a global economic loss of $35 billion.

These bots often generate fake clicks on ads, undermining the integrity of online advertising ecosystems.

An Israeli start-up aims to combat the rise of malicious bots.

Enter ClickFreeze. Led by cyber veteran and former hacker CEO David Allouch, it has emerged as a potential solution.

The pioneering endeavor, known as Preemptive Analysis, centers on fortifying server protection through the utilization of AI and machine learning.

The core of ClickFreeze’s innovative system lies in the intricate correlation of millions of data entries within an AI model, facilitating real-time detection of cyber threats.

A Step Ahead of Threats

The primary objective is to identify and thwart potential bot-driven criminal activities before they infiltrate servers, ranging from e-commerce websites to critical banking infrastructure.

For instance, a shop with a history of criminal activity in South Africa might be flagged as “dangerous” when attempting to access a US bank.

In contrast, neighboring entities like airports remain unmarked. To achieve this level of precision, ClickFreeze harnesses a combination of existing data and internally generated information.

The company employs its network crawlers and strategically positioned Internet sensors to detect hidden criminal activities.

ClickFreeze’s extensive efforts culminate in the storage and analysis of millions of data entries on their servers.

This wealth of information serves to reinforce their AI model, enabling the identification of potential criminals even before they make contact with an organization’s servers.

As ClickFreeze prepares to conclude its inaugural round of funding, the company is already conducting several pilot programs with banks. E-commerce and ad platforms are among their valued partners.

Combating Mule Account Fraud

One of the innovative facets of ClickFreeze’s approach is its ability to address emerging threats.

Research reveals that hybrid bots are enabling criminals to orchestrate large-scale mule account fraud within financial institutions.

These illicit activities, often undetected, involve the opening of mule accounts that facilitate fraudulent transfers.

Shockingly, these mule accounts represent a significant percentage of US financial institutions’ accounts, totaling an estimated $3b. in fraudulent transactions.

Allouch envisions a transformative impact for its solution.

He believes his pioneering approach has the potential to revolutionize the battle against bad bots, saving organizations substantial sums of money while safeguarding their digital assets.

ClickFreeze, driven by its AI-powered Preemptive Analysis, aims to be at the forefront of this battle.

With its innovative approach and commitment to cybersecurity, ClickFreeze strives to reshape the way we navigate the virtual realm, ensuring a safer and more secure online future.


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