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Women on TikTok have a wild theory about how restaurants may be utilizing dating apps to scam customers, and it’s the conspiracy theory of the century.

It all started after a TikToker was ghosted by her online date. The woman showed up at the restaurant…and he stood her up. Then when she checked the app, he had unmatched her.

Frustrated and all dressed up, she decided to buy dinner for herself…

Only to see a TikTok of another woman who was also stood up at the same restaurant!

So that’s where the “ah ha” moment happen.

Do restaurants actually use online dating apps to scam people?

The theory is that restaurants are posing as people on dating apps, so you go to their business…assuming you will stay and eat anyway…or at least order a drink. OMG!

As it turns out, “venue promotion scams” are a real thing so… add this one to the list!

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