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Virtually all of us users who are connected to technology now know how to identify the classic phishing SMS that reaches our mobile. In many of these cases, bank codes are requested using an unauthorized charge at the bank as an excuse, but now these techniques are evolving. One of the clear examples we have in the extension of the ‘son’s scam’, but now they go a step further with the excuse of finding a boyfriend.

It is INCIBE itself that has launched an alert of a smishing campaign that is focused on sending an SMS to a victim pretending to be a person interested in looking for a boyfriend. But the real goal of the cybercriminal is going to be to steal as much private information as possible while pretending to be flirting.

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A new scam that is focused on a flirting technique

Several people have already received a message on their mobile device explaining that they are helping their sister to find a “boyfriend who is gentle, honest and motivated”. The excuse that she gives so that the contact is not direct is precisely that this supposed sister is quite shy and is incapable of starting a conversation.

At the end of the SMS is precisely the phone number through which you can contact the protagonist of this story through WhatsApp. Note that in parentheses you are asked to be honest and courteous so that you can answer all questions that it has for you only to obtain information.

And it is that in this conversation through WhatsApp You’re going to have a barrage of very personal questions., under the pretext of meeting someone new. All personal information provided through this WhatsApp chat will ultimately be used for criminal purposes to be able to contract in your name, for example, or to personalize future scams.

It is a fact that scams work much better if they are personalized with personal data such as name, address or ID. and this It is a first contact to be able to create a file for you for future contacts in which they will ask you for access to your accounts. That is why in the face of these messages it is always best to block, even if you are also looking for a partner.

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