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Key Takeaways

  • The Raspberry Pi Hackbat project offers an affordable DIY pen testing device for cybersecurity enthusiasts.
  • The Hackbat is powered by a Raspberry Pi RP2040 and features NFC, SD card, Wi-Fi, and a tiny display.
  • As an open-source alternative to the Flipper Zero, Hackbat provides similar pen testing capabilities at a lower cost.

It’s no surprise that we really like our Raspberry Pis. We’ve covered everything from projects you can do as a beginner to some seriously advanced tech with a Raspberry Pi. However, one thing we don’t see a lot of is people using their SBCs to enhance their cybersecurity. However, one person has done just that, with their project called Hackbat, a pen tester that you can build for yourself.


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DIY pen testing with the Raspberry Pi Hackbat

The Hackbat
Image Credit: Pablo Trujillo

As spotted by Tom’s Hardware, Pablo Trujillo posted a project on Hackster detailing the project. Their main inspiration for Hackbat is to make pen testing devices affordable for everyone:

The tools used by [cybersecurity] engineers can be expensive and, on many occasions, the tools don’t fit exactly with the requirements that engineers need. In this project, I want to present an open-source hardware platform with some tools used in cybersecurity, especially in pen testing.

The whole thing runs off of a Raspberry Pi RP2040 and open-source code. It has modules for NFC, SD card, and Wi-Fi communication, plus it features a miniature display so you can tell what it’s doing. If you want to make your own, the Hackster page features everything you need to know to get started, from the hardware to the code used for the project.

An open-source alternative to the Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero sitting on a table

What’s cool about this little project is how much it shares with the Flipper Zero. Much like its hack-friendly cousin, the Hackbat is also poised as a “Swiss army knife” of pen testing and uses some of the same features as NFC. However, unlike the Flipper Zero, the Hackbat is both open-source and cheaper than its cousin’s $169 price tag. In fact, after the recent disappearance of the Flipper One, people who love the pocket-sized pen tester may find that Hackbat is a suitable replacement.


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