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I love Spotify, so much so that I’d take my subscription to the grave, and it’s even more cherished than my Xbox Game Pass subscription. Despite being a daily Spotify user for the past 15 years, I’ve only just stumbled upon a groundbreaking tip today, and I’m eager to share it with all of you.

My discovery was made as I delved into the Taylor Swift subreddit on this momentous day when “1989 Taylor’s Version” made its debut. While I promise not to go full-on fan mode, this tip is too good to keep to myself.

Amidst the buzz, one post caught my eye: “Switch off this Spotify setting to get the most out of Taylor Swift’s new album.”. The post gives instructions on how to turn off ‘normalization’ in your Spotify settings, allowing the original production values of the music to shine through without Spotify attempting to normalize every note to the same volume. I tried it myself, and the difference in sound was like night and day. I shared it with my friends, and they all agreed that they now need to revisit their entire Spotify libraries.

Here’s how you can elevate the quality of your music:

Spotify: Windows PC version

  1. Open Spotify on your Windows PC, in the top right corner hover over your profile image
  2. Click Settings

Your settings can be found by hovering over your profile picture on the Spotify app in Windows 11 (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)
  1. Scroll down to Audio Quality
  2. Next to Normalise volume, set the slider to OFF 

Set ‘normalise volume’ to OFF (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

Once I turned this off, I heard a massive difference in my music. The highs and lows were exactly as intended, and the vocals sounded crisper. If you’re using Spotify on your mobile, don’t forget to tweak the settings there as well. Here’s how:

Spotify: Mobile app

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