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Take advantage of hot summer days with this ooey-gooey tip.

The ability to dine al fresco is a sign that summertime is officially here. But hot, humid weather can put quite a damper on things—especially when it affects the quality of the food you want to serve. However (as per usual), TikTok has come to the rescue, introducing a way to a sticky situation into a pleasant one: This simple viral melted chocolate hack is perfect for dipping any and all of your favorite picnic desserts.

Creator @miaivybuxton, food and lifestyle blogger based in London, posted the video, which now has 1.1 million views. It shows her enjoying a picnic with friends, during which she took two bars of chocolate (one dark and one milk) and let them sit out in the sun for about 20 minutes.

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Once completely melty, she was able to easily dip in her fresh strawberries. She gave the recipe a “perfect 10/10,” writing in the caption that it’s “an absolute must for your summer picnics.” Dozens of commenters tagged their friends, expressing that they wanted to try the hack immediately.

“Me, you, chocolate strawbs mission is a go,” said one commenter to her tagged friend.  “We need to make a summer bucket list and put this on it,” another wrote.

Others, who would rather stay inside next to the air conditioner, had opposing opinions. As one user put it: “If it’s that hot, I’m not outside.”

Other commenters were concerned about bugs—usually when food is left outside on a warm day, you can expect ants to show up (and flies, bees, gnats, and mosquitos). But a few commenters in response suggested mesh food nets or citronella candles for keeping pests away. One cleverly recommended letting the bar melt with the wrapper closed, then cutting a slit at the bottom and squeezing the chocolate onto the strawberries.

What else can you dip? Fresh strawberries are a great start, but raspberries, apples, and even bananas would work as well. If you are looking for a saltier combo, you can’t go wrong with potato chips, popcorn, or pretzels.

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