This Week In Credit Card News: Voice Identification To Fight ID Theft, Rubio’s Card Use Under Fire

How Your Voice Can Protect You from Credit Card Fraud

Some banks are using voice biometrics and other technology to help determine who is calling and where a call is coming from. The reason: call-in center fraud is surging. The internet used to be a treasure trove for scammers, but financial institutions caught on and increased security, causing fraudsters to shift gears. New credit card technology has shifted criminals toward call-in centers, as chip-enabled cards are difficult to copy and replicate. Call-in centers remain a point of vulnerability. To help combat the fraud, some banks are using voice biometrics. Just like your fingerprint, your voice has characteristics that make it unique.

Marco Rubio Confronts New Scrutiny Over Use of Party Credit Card

A decade after he began using a Republican Party credit card for personal purchases like paving stones at his home, Senator Marco Rubio on Wednesday pledged to disclose new spending records from that account.

Why Millions of Millennials Can’t Get Credit Cards

A huge segment of the country’s largest generation is having trouble qualifying for acredit card, according to a new survey. A third of millennials said they were unable to obtain some kind of credit, largely credit cards, versus a quarter of the national sample. That adds up to 27.7 million Americans born between 1982 and 2000 who, as a result, may have a harder time getting a mortgage or car loan down the road.


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