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Thousands of Aer Lingus staff data stolen in ransomware attack | #ransomware | #cybercrime

A Russia-linked ransomware gang responsible for a global cyber attack that has led to 5,000 Aer Lingus staff having their data stolen may have acquired enough information for identity theft, a leading cybercrime expert has warned.

US company Progress Software revealed last week hackers had found a way to compromise the MOVEit Transfer software which is used by many large companies to send sensitive files securely. The attack is reportedly orchestrated by a prolific Russian cyber-crime gang known as Clop – known for extorting industrial organisations with ransomware attacks.

Now, payroll provider Zellis has since confirmed eight of their clients have been affected and Aer Lingus is among them.

British Airways, the BBC and Boots staff have also been compromised. The compromised data consists of employee number, title, name, date of birth, address line 1, email address, start date and end date of employment, and in the majority of cases, PPS/Social Security numbers.

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“It has been confirmed that no financial or bank details relating to Aer Lingus current or former employees were compromised in this incident,” Aer Lingus said in a statement. “It has also been confirmed that no phone contact details relating to Aer Lingus current or former employees were compromised.

“The third-party provider has confirmed that the incident has been contained and that they have officially notified the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) and the National Cyber Security Centre, as has Aer Lingus. All current employees have been impacted and a significant number of former employees have been impacted.

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