Thousands of Individuals were Rescued from Cybercrime Groups | #cybercrime | #infosec

Around 2700 people were rescued in Manila who were involved in Human Trafficking for fraudulent online gaming sites and other cybercrime groups.

The latest news regarding nighttime rides shows Las Pinas City in metropolitan Manila has become the Hubspot for cybercrime syndicates.

After investigation, police found that these suspects had fallen into the trap and were not allowed to quit the job easily once they realized.

Unemployment, the need for money, and less user awareness make people fall into the trap of scams on the internet with fancy advertisements and excellent pay.

Cybercrime scams have become a significant issue in Asia, with reports of people from outside the region being enticed to take jobs in countries such as Myanmar and Cambodia, which are plagued by civil strife. 

Nevertheless, many of these workers are compelled to participate in internet-based scams and virtual servitude.

In May, leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations agreed at a summit in Indonesia to tighten border controls and law enforcement and broaden public education to fight criminal syndicates that traffic workers to other nations, where they are made to participate in online fraud.

The team of police heads with Brig. Gen. Sydney Hernia said police armed with warrants raided and searched the buildings around midnight in Las Pinas and rescued 1,534 Filipinos and 1,190 foreigners from at least 17 countries, including 604 Chinese, 183 Vietnamese, 137 Indonesians, 134 Malaysians, and 81 Thais. 

There were also a few people from Myanmar, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Taiwan.

In May, police raided another suspected cybercrime base at the Clark freeport in Mabalacat City, Pampanga province, north of Manila, seizing nearly 1,400 Filipino and foreign employees who were allegedly coerced into conducting cryptocurrency scams.

During investigations, the suspects confessed that they were not allowed to resign for unclear reasons. According to the AP news report, they were threatened to pay a hefty amount when attempting to leave.

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