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Threat of school violence circulates social media, Utah Public Safety calls it a ‘hoax’ | #schoolsaftey

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A threat of school violence has circulated on social media recently, according to the Utah Dept. of Public Safety.

Officials said the threat, which was made in a social media post, originated out of San Antonio, Texas, on Thursday, Sept. 14. The post was reportedly edited to fit Utah, officials said.

The post begins, “ATTENTION ALL NEISD HIGH SCHOOLS!! This Friday September 15th We will open fire on schools, we are taking some weapons, knifes and many things to start a disaster on schools.”

The post continues, “So just to let y’all know to be careful if you don’t wanna get hurt, or else just don’t come to school and stay home,” accompanied by an upside-down smiley face emoji. “SPREAD OUT THIS MESSAGE TO BE AWARE OR IF YOU DONT WANNA GET INJURED.”

Utah DPS officials said that they do not believe that the treat is credible at this time.

Herriman Police also commented on the threat, stating that it only identified “HHS” and originated out of state. They also that Texas law enforcement is working through potential charges.

“The safety of our school children is a top priority and we take all threats seriously,” Herriman Police stated.

Officers are reportedly at Herriman High School this morning as a precaution.

No further information is available at this time.

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