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TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) — Three alleged child predators are off the street thanks to a joint operation conducted by Homeland Security Investigations and the Taylor Police Department.

Exclusively shared dash and body camera footage shows how the four-day operation unfolded, which started on the night of April 24.

Taking the lead, HSI set up a command center at the Taylor Police Department to guide agents and officers on when to make the arrests.

Watch dashcam video from the operation below:

Dash cam video: Homeland Security Investigations operation leads to arrest of alleged child predators

“The male parked his car and walked into the house, and that’s when HSI took him into custody,” Taylor police officer Andrew Borg said.

Forty-four-year-old Ryan Richard Davis from Romulus was the first to be arrested. Officers and brothers Andrew and Anthony Borg were part of the apprehension team.

“We were parked a few blocks away just waiting for the agents inside the house to tell us when to make the location,” Anthony Borg said.

This footage shows the moment the brothers arrested 30-year-old Craig William Newby from Brighton. The operation also used cutting-edge technology.

“Once we had his vehicle description, we were able to track through flock cameras from all those cities between us and Brighton,” Andrew Borg said.

Flock cameras are license plate readers that also helped track the third arrestee, 24-year-old Austin Sheldon, as he arrived at the location from Inkster.

“It’s a good feeling that we took them down, but it’s also terrifying knowing what kind of people live in your neighborhood,” Anthony Borg said.

Special Agent Joshua Edwards was in the command center during the operation that started with undercover HSI agents posing as children.

“And people would talk to them online, saying that they would want to meet for the purposes of exploiting that child,” Edwards said.

“You have been a special agent for 22 years, how do you keep emotions out of it?” I asked Edwards.

“It’s hard. I’m a parent and I want to keep my children safe. You can’t separate your feelings from the job. It kind of drives why we do this… I want my community to be safe. I want my country to be safe,” Edwards said.

The operation also led to 15 potential adult victims of human trafficking coming forward.

“We support them by having a victim advocate with them the whole time. And they are introducing them to the different services the NGOs (non-government organizations) provide,” Edwards said.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has charged all three men with child sexually abusive activity and accosting children for immoral purposes. Meanwhile, Law enforcement is urging all parents and guardians to keep a close on your child’s online activities.

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