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Published: 2023-07-12T16:06:57

  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-12T16:07:08

An Airbnb host took to TikTok to share her grievances after claiming someone stole her account, causing lots of guests to show up, and complained about the lack of help she received.

TikToker Katie (@hurrikatie) posted a series of videos sharing her side of the story after her mother’s Airbnb host account was hacked.

The hacker had supposedly been advertising her mother’s home as their own and also booked stays for people at their house. Guests have been constantly coming in, leaving Katie and her mom no place to stay.

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TikToker’s Airbnb ‘hacked’

Katie shared that there has been no help from Airbnb in solving the issue and criticized the customer service.

“Airbnb is literally the worst company ever for customer service. Long story as short as possible my mom has a guest Airbnb account and a host Airbnb account.”

The TikToker revealed that one of the two accounts her mother holds had been compromised which led to her issues. “Someone has taken over the host Airbnb account and listed our cottage for rent, for like, weekend stays and stuff.”

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Katie added this led to them having to leave their cottage. “So we’re here living in our cottage, and people are showing up thinking they’re going to have a weekend here,” she explained.

She they talked to three people from Airbnb and even tweeted about it which led to them briefly contacting her. However, Katie claimed they eventually sent her automated messages.

Despite the TikToker and her mother’s complaints, Airbnb did not take down the listing of their property though they have made it clear that an impostor is posting on their behalf.

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“But they won’t take it down no matter what we say. We’re like ‘This isn’t us, this is not my mom posting this, they’re using her face and her name, and our property but it’s not her posting it. Like we are living here please take it down. And Airbnb has done nothing.”

TikToker feels helpless

Katie also shared that the application has allegedly been promising them they will respond during specific periods of time, but they have never reached out.

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“They said someone would get back to us in 48 hours. 48 hours isn’t fast enough like, people are showing up here coming from far away, like the last group that showed up here drove two and a half hours to be here and they don’t get to stay. They have nowhere to go.”

The TikToker added that she and her mother feel helpless and are unaware of what else they can do.

Katie explained that the hacker changed the email address and phone number and they were unable to verify with Airbnb that they were the actual owners because the application was asking for these details.

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“We can’t, we can’t get into this account. We can’t take it down. Why do you want us to give you the phone number the account is under when we don’t have it? Like it’s someone else’s phone number now. It’s not ours.”

Many users on TikTok recommended that Katie and her mom could file a police complaint while others suggested that they post it in the local newspaper to get Airbnb’s attention.

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“These stories are killing me, how hard is it for @airbnb to be better?” one TikToker wrote. Another user suggested that they change the codes on the doors for the rental.

Meanwhile, some others said they could sue Airbnb for damages and get them to pay serious attention to the situation. A user said, “Threaten to sue, that’ll change their urgency real quick”


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