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Parents know all to well the dangers of social media, and apps like Facebook and TikTok. These dangers can sometimes cause parents to overlook the good that can come out of teens networking with other teens. While social media can be dangerous, it can also be a place where teens can connect with others and form friendships. While there has been a lot of body shaming trends on TikTok, there is a new trend that is actually helping a lot of teenagers who are struggling with food and eating disorders.

It is called ‘Let’s Eat Together’ and it involves teens eating with other teens. According to Good Morning America, Sara Sadok is an 18-year-old from Chicago, and she is trying to help others on the platform who may be living with an eating disorder.

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In her videos, which have gone viral, she encourages those affected to eat a meal with her. She also encourages them through each bite and goes first so that it is not as intimidating. The results are heartbreaking and inspiring.

Teens are using the “duet” function so that their screen is next to Sara’s, and it shows them cautiously eating their meal with the comforting words of a friend beside them –some of these videos are incredibly emotional. One user duetted one of her videos and thanked Sara in the caption for helping so many people, you can view the video here.

Sara said that she was inspired to help people after watching a friend struggle with an eating disorder. Sara told Good Morning America that she just wants to help people, just like she was able to help her friend. She had found that since the pandemic has started, she realizes that people may have a harder time sticking with their recovery.

This is a welcome change on the app to the videos that were going viral of unhealthy diets, ‘What I eat in a day videos’ and other trends that are aimed to shame someone for how they look. Sara is also not the only person doing these encouraging videos, there is also Chris Henrie who is from New Jersey. He also makes videos encouraging people to share a meal with him.

These videos are getting thousands of responses, showing us that there are a lot of people out there who are living with an eating disorder and that there may be a higher need for support.

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