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TikTok’s Pizza Roll Pineapple Hack Is Totally Genius | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Brett Asher starts out his TikTok video sitting on the couch with the text overlay “here’s a cool hack to make your pizza rolls taste better.” Asher goes on to recommend taking a small bite out of the corner of the pizza roll, then inserting a tiny cubed piece of pineapple before popping the rest into your mouth, resulting in a mini, bite-sized Hawaiian pizza. Asher ends the video with a thumbs up calling the concoction “delicious.”


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Over in the comments section, TikTokers were ready for the is-pineapple-an-acceptable-pizza-topping debate. The very first commenter on the video wrote, “patiently waits for the pineapple doesn’t go on pizza people.”

These “pineapple doesn’t go on pizza people” do certainly exist. “No get outta here,” commented one TikToker, while another comically chimed in, “I’ve phoned the authorities.” But of course, fans of Hawaiian pizza were excited to learn about this new hack. Another user had a more mixed approach to the food combination, writing, “How dare you do something so controversial yet so delicious?”


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