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Time-Poor Cybersecurity Professional’s Guide: Edition 12.

Cybersecurity Professional’s weekly review for the week starting from 2023/12/20 to 2023/12/26.

Welcome to our cybersecurity weekly blog review! In this edition, we’ll be covering the top five articles that provide valuable insights and tips on various cybersecurity topics. From bypassing device verification for email login forms to enhancing mobile application security, trading on your mobile device, choosing strong passwords, and upgrading your reading experience, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore these articles to stay informed and protected in the digital world!

1. Celebrating My Reading Anniversary with My Upgraded Subscription to New Medium Friendship

I recently celebrated my reading anniversary and decided to upgrade my subscription to New Medium Friendship. This upgrade has allowed me to access even more amazing content and connect with like-minded readers. I highly recommend this subscription to anyone who loves reading and wants to enhance their Medium experience.

2. Choosing and Creating Rock-Solid Passwords

In this article, the author provides valuable tips and strategies for choosing and creating strong passwords. They emphasize the importance of using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. The author also suggests avoiding common password mistakes such as using personal information or easily guessable patterns. By following these guidelines, readers can enhance their online security and protect their personal information from hackers.


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