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Veteran journalist Timothy Burke was indicted on Thursday on charges related to conspiracy to commit hacking. Burke has been under federal investigation related to the publication of leaked tapes of Tucker Carlson, which surfaced in the media just days after the flame-throwing host was fired from Fox News.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Burke was charged with “14 federal crimes related to alleged computer hacks at Fox News” and that he was arrested Thursday morning. Burke, a veteran journalist and media producer, had worked in the past for outlets such as Deadspin and the Daily Beast and counted HBO and ESPN as clients of his consulting firm, Burke Communications.

“BURKE played multiple roles in the conspiracy, including utilizing compromised credentials to gain unauthorized access to protected computers, scouring those protected computers for electronic items and information, obtaining and stealing electronic items and information deemed desirable, organizing and exploiting some of those electronic items and information, and intercepting and disclosing the contents of wire, oral, and/or electronic video communications,” read the indictment, which was initially filed on Feb. 15

and unsealed on Feb. 22 concurrent with Burke’s arrest.

“He never hacked Fox News,” attorney Mark Rasch told the Washington Post in June of 2023. “We are confident that when all the facts come out, it will be demonstrated that Timothy never hacked anyone and that all the information he provided was accessible to the public.” Federal authorities searched Burke’s home in the summer of 2023 after Carlson was fired last April.

The leaked tapes included unaired clips from the interview between Carlson and Kanye West that were published by Vice last year, as well as the selection of hot mic videos of Carlson published by Media Matters after his ouster in April.

“Tim is a master at finding links to stuff publicly posted on the internet,” Rasch added. “If a video is posted, public, unencrypted, and unprotected, then there’s simply no crime committed when a journalist like Tim finds it, reviews it, and accurately reports on it, even where, and maybe especially where, the subjects wish it was suppressed. That’s the essence of journalism in the digital age.”

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