Tinder Date-Inspired Wolf, Cameron Fous, Trades His Maserati for a Scooter | #tinder | #pof | romancescams | #scams

Social media celebrity and day trader, Cameron Fous, trades his glamorous life to find happiness and help others achieve their goals

Cameron Fous was living the life that many people dream of and only a few can even imagine. With a million-dollar bay-front condo in San Diego, weekend yacht parties, and three luxury cars, Cameron’s life evoked the Wolf of Wall Street and he quickly became an online celebrity posting his lifestyle on social media.

I always dreamed of the luxury life you see in movies—the cars, boats, condos, girls. With day trading, I got it all. I even threw a ‘Wolf of San Diego’ yacht party, complete with booze and babes and a video team to capture the whole thing,” said Cameron.

If money could buy happiness, Cameron would have been one of the happiest people on earth. However, it turns out that wealth and happiness can be parallel sometimes. This seemed to be the case with Cameron as the life portrayed on social media was nothing close to being real. I was portraying a persona on social media, but that persona wasn’t me,” Cameron said. “My life revolved around material things. My only ‘why’ was money,” Cameron said. “My life revolved around material things. My only ‘why’ was money,” Cameron continued.

Cameron’s life on the outside negated how he felt about himself. However, a date on Tinder was all it took for a turnaround. Cameron took the unexpected decision to sell all he had in the pursuit of happiness.

Cameron always wanted to be a stockbroker, inspired by his best friend’s dad and the luxury life he had. Consequently, he studied business finance in college.

During my sophomore year, my aunt got a ‘hot tip’ on some speculative biotech stock called Cytomedix. At $4 per share, we went all in as a family—investing $500,000 in inheritance money, and even my car. I got bored and sold my shares at $6, but my family kept theirs. Then one day the stock went bust and dropped to 50 cents,” Cameron said.

Cameron launched Fous4Trading.com after dropping out of college to pursue trading full time. He was able to make $30,000 in the first month and everything simply skyrocketed from there, making hundreds of thousands of dollars trading and teaching others.

As the Fous4 brand took off, Cameron became increasingly popular online. Everything changed in 2016 after over a decade of trading when he was matched with a girl on Tinder, named Sandra. It was love at first date. That day, she met my mom, stayed the night, and basically moved into my apartment. Crazy, I know,” Cameron said.

Sandra was the inspiration for Cameron Fous to be himself for his wellbeing. The transformation has been phenomenal since then. While he still runs iknkTraders.comwith his team, he currently focuses on mentoring students and helping them master the psychology of day trading.

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