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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – As Valentine’s Day approaches, those on dating apps should be on high alert as a record number of romance scams are expected.

Scammers will flood dating apps and social media with fake photos to trick you into falling in love so they can steal your money.

Here are five tips to avoid romance scams:

  • Perform a reverse image search of their profile photo to confirm if they are real.
  • Never send money or give personal information to anyone online.
  • Avoid anyone who cannot meet because they are in the military or live overseas.
  • If they confess love too quickly and demand the same in return, it is a scam.
  • If they use poor grammar but claim to be rich and successful, it is a red flag.

A record $1.3 billion was lost to romance scams in 2022, and with scammers adding cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, deepfake videos, and voice cloning to their toolkit, this Valentine’s Day is expected to be the most financially devasting on record.

Texas ranks second in the nation with 1,331 victims losing around $60.3 million to romance scams in 2022, the most recent year on record.

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