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Tips to ensure safety of students, drivers, pedestrians | #schoolsaftey

Allison Gens and Carlos Mathis

MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) — With students returning to the classroom, you might be in need of some driving safety tips around buses and school zones. 

“Easiest way I can tell people is anything less than a four lane highway,” Kara Hitchens, manager, public and government affairs at AAA said. “You’re going to need to stop for that bus.” 

When you see a school bus with yellow flashing lights, you need to slow down. When the lights begin flashing red, that means children are getting on or off, meaning you have to stop.

Drivers must remain stopped until the bus starts moving again, and the lights turn off. 

“Regardless of if you see that arm go in and that bus driver is still sitting there unless he flags you on, you sit there and wait,” Hitchens said.

Once school is in session, drivers will be sharing the road with not only buses, but pedestrians and bikers too. 

The Dayton Police Department reminds everyone to slow down, stay off their electronic devices and just pay attention.

“A lot of our accidents could be avoided if people were just paying more attention,” Dayton Police Department Detective Chris Metzler said. “And, you know, the cell phones, anything like that. It’s taking away from the focus of what you need to be doing, which is controlling your vehicle.”

Putting down your cell phone applies not only when you’re behind the wheel, but also when you’re crossing the street.

“We see a lot of people trying to walk and text, too. That’s just as dangerous as driving and texting,” Hitchens said. 

According to AAA, more school-aged pedestrians are killed around school arrival and dismissal times. Pedestrians should use a crosswalk whenever possible and use caution when crossing. 

“Make sure you’re trying to make eye contact with that driver so they see you and you can see them. Move quickly across the street so that you can get to your destination, and they can move on as well,” said Hitchens. 

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