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Tips to keep student-athletes safe during the school year – NBC 6 South Florida | #schoolsaftey

The new school year is ramping up in South Florida and many students are getting back into sports.

But, with recent scares for teen athletes — including a 17-year-old American Heritage player who collapsed at a football game on Friday and 18-year-old Bronny James’ cardiac arrest at practice in July — athletic trainers are urging parents to stay vigilant this school year.

The National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) is sharing its back-to-school sports safety tips — to help young athletes thrive safely.

Delay specializing in one sport

NATA says sport specialization is often described as participating in a single sport year-round. Young athletes, however, are urged to try a variety of sports — to help create a more well-rounded athlete.

Playing multiple sports can improve several skills including balance, eye-hand coordination, speed, power, flexibility and endurance.

Stick to one team at a time

NATA recommends that teens and young athletes should train in only one organized sport per season — and only one team or league.

Spend less than eight months in a single sport

Teens and young athletes should also be playing eight months at most of a single sport, according to NATA. This allows for skills learned in one sport to rest — while others can develop.

No more hours per week than their age

NATA recommends that teens and young athletes should not be participating in sports for more hours per week than their current age.

For instance, a 14-year-old should not be be involved in more than 14 hours of an organized sports each week.

Stick to two rest days per week

Parents are urged to give their kids a minimum of two days off per week from any organized training or competition.

Young athletes should not be involved in any other sports on those recovery days.

Rest and recovery time after season

NATA also says that athletes should spend time away from organized sports at the end of each competitive season.

This is to allow for both physical and mental recovery and to prevent burnout or injury.

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