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TIPS TO PREVENT YOURSELF FROM CYBERCRIMES 2023 | by Shashank pinnoju | Jul, 2023 | #cybercrime | #infosec

In Todays world cybersecurity is more important. With ever growing technologies the cyber attacks also increasing day by day. Various attacks are involving to steal information. And this cyber attack prevention is very important for individual person,business and organizations.

Let’s Discuss some tips to prevent and protect yourself against these dangerous attacks.


Always update your Operating Systems.Sometimes the published operating systems are with bugs ,So they rebuild to improve security and launches new versions. always upgrade your operating systems.


Implementing a firewall is the most effective way to defend yourself against cyber attacks.The firewall manages every inbound and outbound data.It will detect unneessary,malware content traffic and blocks it.So the firewall is very helpful in your network/Operating System.


Antivirus is a software program that detects malicious software and files from your laptop or desktop. There are various Antivirus products available like MCA Fee,Norton,Avast,Symantec Endpoint protection,Bit defeder etc.

4.Responding to spam messages/Spam Calls

Always be aware of spam calls and messages, do not share any sensitive information like otps,bank details,pan card numbers,passwords etc. No company will ask you these type of sensitive data.The attcker will manipulate you as he is from official Bank or company and asks for information,so alwasy be careful.


make sure you browse websites with HTTPS URL, The attackers uses different viruses like malware,trojan,worms,rootkits etc and inject them over web. So whenever you access unsecured websites,theeseviruses enter into your system and it may disrupt or damages system.

And always verify the url official one or not.The attackers use phising attacks to implement clone websites as officials and make you spam and collect all your credentials while you are login in to.

6.Unknown Applications

Do not get spammed and install unknown virus injected applications.Alwasys install applications from App store/Playstore/Official websites only. Do not believe in Fake free money earning apps,lotery apps and never install them.they access all your data like storage,camera,location etc.

7.Public Wifi

The Public wifi is without authentication, so anyone can enter and inject malware viruses.whenever the user access that specified wifi, the device is gonna be crash,steal information,destroy information etc.

8.Do not save Password

The Chrome is providing Autofill and passwords feature,Whenever you save password,It stores all your passwords in your google account and no need to enter your password next time.This is very dangerous,Anyone can take your device and they can get your credentials and also your passwords sync with your google account so,if your gmail got hacked then the attacker will get all saved passwords.So do not save passwords and try to remember them.

And one more thing,do not put same password.


Implementing 2FA or multifactor authentication is very very helpful to secure your device.It verifies the login is done by you or not with the help of OTP verification or pop ups to your registered device or phone.

10.Strong Passwords

Make sure you put strong various charecters combination passwords like capital,number,special charecter etc. Do not put silly passwords like your name,sur name,date of birth,Girlfriend name,12345678,password itself as password etc.

And implemt various authentication techniques such as Fingerprint,Face Detection,Voice recognition etc.

11.Modified Applications

Now-a-days people are using FM whatsapp,GB whatsapp,FM insta etc for extra features(hiding last seen,save stories/status/save post).Actually these are designed by attackers and injected with malware,Whenever this shitty apps downloaded in your mobile all sensitive data is forwarded to attcker and there will be no longer safety to your data.

12.Shutdown System after using

You might leave your system after having work,Some unauthorized people may come and collect all your data.So make sure shutdown/lock your system after work.

13.Turn Off Bluetooth

These days smart watches,earbuds,neck bands are trending right.So people always putting bluetooth turn on.It is very dangerous,Attackers may send you pair request and you might be accept it,Then all of your information is gonna steal. Be careful while selecting your device and turn off after using bluetooth.

14.Connecting Unknow Hardware devices

Connecting unknow USB,Sd cards.external hard disk and ssd etc is very dangerous.people uses different techniques on devices to gain access.Let’s discuss the most popular hardware “USB Baiting” concept,The attcker injects all possible viruses inside and usb and throws them premises like Orgnizations/schools/colleges,and the intended victim might gets one usb and he is curious to see what data inside or he wants to use for his purpose.Whenver the usb inserted,It will starts it work like executes all exe files or spreads all malware.. so it causes your system damage.

15.Regularly Back up data

Data backups are crucial for mitigating the impact of ransomware attacks or data breaches. Regularly back up important files and ensure that backups are stored securely, preferably offline or in a separate location. This practice allows for data recovery in case of an attack or system failure.

I hope you learned a lot from this article.There are many more tips to secure yourself from cyber attacks,But these are main tips to follow.Please educate others regarding these prevention tips.If you knew any other tips please comment under this post.

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