Tis the season for credit card fraud

GEAR as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Unfortunately for them, the shopping season is also open season forCREDIT CARD and identity thieves.

Thefts don’t just happen when someone makes off with a purse or wallet. Experts say swiping your card at a gas pump is one of the most dangerous places you can use it. Close behind is online.

Lake County resident Amber Riccinto said she takes the horror stories of people who have had their identities stolen very seriously.

“It’s one of my biggest fears that someone is going to steal my identity,” she said.

With people using theirDEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS more and more, the opportunity for thieves to make off with their information increases.

Experts advise shoppers to useCASH whenever they can to lessen their exposure to identity theft.

Source: http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/tis-season-credit-card-fraud/npWFB/

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