To my mind, the future of cybersecurity is precisely in Azerbaijan | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

“Both governments and companies suffer from cyber attacks. It is clear that we all have adversaries to fight against. There is a saying in the Azerbaijani language: “If you don’t plant seeds today, you won’t reap harvest tomorrow,” Adele Trombetta, senior vice president of Cisco company, said while addressing the Third National Cyber Security Forum in Baku.

She emphasized that Article 42 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan states every citizen has the right to education: “This right unites hundreds of thousands of pupils and students in Baku city. The Republic of Azerbaijan can become an important partner for the West by continuing its work in the fields of education and business at a high level. Azerbaijani poet Mahammad Fuzuli said: “Never brag about your wealth, get an education, and keep learning in order to become successful.”

Mrs. Trombetta noted that the Azerbaijan government develops the country at a high level in the field of cyber security and digital: “This is my first visit to Azerbaijan. The potential of this country fascinates me. To my mind, the cyber security of the future is precisely in Azerbaijan.”

Notable the III National Cyber Security Forum dedicated to the ” Green World Solidarity Year” is being held in Baku. The event was organized by the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan (ACOA) and the main partnership of “Azerconnect” Group.



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