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Toblerone chocolate hack has TikTok users in shock – ‘I was living a lie’ | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Content creator Erica Mallett shares short insights into her life on the TikTok account @erica_mallett. She recently shared a Toblerone hack she learned and blew the minds of her fans.

Erica, who is a communications expert, said: “I’m going to tell you two things about Tobelerone that you probably didn’t know. The first is the correct way to eat it. The second is something you probably didn’t notice.”

She went on: “Number one, this is the correct way to break it.” She shows herself pinching the famous peaks in the chocolate together, rather than pulling them apart.

The triable of chocolate split apart easily, meaning Erica didn’t get chocolate all over her hands. Erica added: “Number two, did you ever notice that bear?”

She pointed to the outline of a bear hidden in the mountain illustration on the packaging. The design is actually a sneaky homage to the home of the Toblerone.

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It is contested as to what inspired the shape of the chocolate, whether it is the famous Matterhorn mountain or a dance Theodor once saw in which dancers created a pyramid shape.

However, the Matterhorn does appear on the packaging for the now world-famous chocolate bar. The bear on the packaging, pointed out by the TikTok user in her video, is the symbol of Bern.

TikTok users commented on the video. Zain Qamar wrote: “I break it with the metal wrapping still on that way the rest of the Toblerone stays wrapped and the covering rips perfectly.”

One, named Rosey, wrote: “Thank you. I had no idea that this was the correct way to break it. A new skill!” Another, Laura Scarcella said: “I was today years old…I never knew this!! Life changed!!

Another Toblerone-related hack was detailed by a flight attendant in recent news. According to the travel expert, buying a Toblerone could get you an upgrade.

But, the Toblerone is not for you. Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz said he loves when passengers bring “Toblerone or Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons” from the terminal.

“I am automatically nicer to the person who had that nice gesture. The cabin chief would always offer them free coffee and tea and if there are better seats available, we will move them!”



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