Toledo business owner says former employee hacked computers, bank accounts

A Toledo business owner says a disgruntled worker brought his business to a halt following a cyber attack on the company’s computers, phones and bank accounts.

“Its just not fair for somebody to be that malicious. And for what?” Jacob Lewandowski, owner Jacob’s Ladder Handyman Service said. “I still don’t even know why.”

Lewandowski built his business to receive prestigious awards and accreditations for their service. But reflecting on the hack, Lewandowski broke into tears not knowing how he will keep his business running.

The business cannot access their computers or phones. Their appointment calendars cannot be accessed. Their bank account is completely frozen.

Police launched an investigation to see if the former employee accusation is true and to see if that person was trying to destroy the business, steal clients or trying to harass the owner.

Lewandowski says he just wants business to get back to normal.

“We are doing the best,” Lewandowski said. “We can to get up and start running. This is not how we operate nor have I ever.”


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