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Tom Holland would be “honored” to help live-action Miles Morales | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Published: 2023-06-12T09:30:01

  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-12T09:30:09

Amid the success of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Tom Holland says he’d be “honored” to be involved in bringing a live-action Miles Morales movie to life.

While he was first introduced in the comics in 2011, the hero made his big-screen debut in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the same year he appeared in Insomniac’s Spider-Man game.

In the years since, he’s had his own spinoff game and Across the Spider-Verse, the recently released, critically acclaimed sequel that sets up the final part of the animated trilogy, due to hit cinemas early in 2024.

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So, what’s next for the character? Well, according to producer Amy Pascal, he’s destined for the real world – and Holland is happy to help.

Tom Holland “honored” to bring Miles Morales to live-action

Speaking to Inverse around the release of The Crowded Room on Apple TV, Holland said: “I would be honored to bring Miles Morales into the live-action world. How we do that, I don’t know, but given the opportunity, I would jump at it.”

This comes after Pascal teased a live-action Miles Morales movie, as well as a Spider-Woman feature film. “You’ll see all of it. It’s all happening… sooner than you expect,” she said.

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However, Miles’ voice actor Shameik Moore has also been calling out “haters” who don’t think he should play the hero if his live-action movie comes to fruition. Some fans have cited his age as an issue: Miles is traditionally a teenager, but the actor is 28 years old.

He’s called out his critics in several tweets, writing: “I didn’t realize y’all were haters like this lol… one thing I love to do is prove people wrong.. ask my acting teacher.”

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“Good thing I have tuff skin,” he wrote in another tweet.

Earlier this year, the star told Empire: “I feel like everyone knows I would be a great [live-action] Miles Morales. As I left the theatre after that premiere, Jamie Foxx looked at me like… he knew.

“I think Tom Holland knows, too… it just depends on how old they want Miles to be by the time they’re ready to do a live-action movie. That’s the conundrum with whether or not I end up playing him.”

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is in cinemas now. Check out our other coverage below:

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