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With 2.1 billion(Opens in a new window) active subscribers, you would think YouTube could make it easier to organize your subscriptions. The site supports manually created playlists, but if you want to group channels by category, for instance, you need to turn to a third-party plugin like PocketTube(Opens in a new window). Here are your options if your YouTube subs are turning into an overwhelming mess.

How to Organize Your Subscriptions With PocketTube

pockettube extension

PocketTube allows you to organize videos by custom tags or categories, filter results by video length, and manage subscriptions by bulk, so you can get rid of channels you no longer watch or have since been discontinued.

The app lets you search within a specific category or by keyword, and you can hide videos you’ve already watched (while avoiding recommendation curveballs from the algorithm). You can also set up notifications for a specific group (instead of a singular subscription) and get pinged whenever a new video that fits within the category is released.

Chrome users can download PocketTube as a plugin(Opens in a new window) to use on the desktop, which integrates directly into YouTube’s interface. When you open the side menu, a new category called Subscription Groups is added, which takes you to a separate screen with tabs for each category you’ve created. New controls are also present in the Subscriptions tab, where you can navigate and edit their folders. 

youtube with pockettube

Subscription Groups
(Credit: PocketTube/YouTube)

If you’re more of an on-the-go watcher, the PocketTube mobile app works across multiple mobile platforms, including iOS(Opens in a new window) and Android(Opens in a new window). It’s separate from YouTube, though, so you must log into the PocketTube app with your YouTube credentials.

Once signed in, the service will work across all devices. You can then make and manage category folders, add videos to your lists, and more. When you select a video to watch from the PocketTube app, the YouTube app will automatically open to play it.

Be warned that the user experience on mobile may not be as good when compared to desktop, especially for the iOS version(Opens in a new window). However, the developer seems to be responding to feedback and may improve functionality.

How to Organize Your Videos With Playlists

youtube playlist

If third-party apps and plugins aren’t your thing, there is another way to organize YouTube videos by category: make playlists. It’s a more tedious method, as you have to create category-specific playlists, then manually add videos to them. 

To make a new YouTube playlist, click the three-dot menu next to the video you’d like to add to that playlist, then click Save to playlist. If the video is already open and playing, select the Save button. You can then select the appropriate playlist from the Save to window. If you have yet to make the playlist, click Create new playlist, then enter a name and choose the privacy settings.

Once the playlist exists, you can click into it from the Library page. Select the three-dot menu on the left side underneath the playlist’s featured image and click Add videos to search YouTube for more videos. The playlist will also show up in the sidebar menu with the rest of your playlists.

Will YouTube Ever Release a Fix?

Could YouTube one day release its own feature that lets you organize your subscriptions into categories? The company started testing a feature called Collections in December 2021. Ironically, YouTube already had this feature once before, but it was removed in 2015(Opens in a new window).

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According to Tubefilter(Opens in a new window), Collections allows users to group channels they have subscribed to in much the same way extensions like PocketTube let you do now. You can also create custom groupings, so if you want to sort channels by region or by upload frequency, you can do that.

Like cooking videos? This new feature would let you make a Cooking collection and sort all your favorites there. Once made, the new Collection shows up in the subscriptions tab, and you can open it to watch all the delicious cooking content from your subs list. 

Unfortunately this feature still isn’t available to the public at the time of writing, and it’s unclear whether it ever will be. Comments on the official YouTube video(Opens in a new window) (shown above) detailing the test seem to indicate the feature was rolled out to testers but later axed.

Many people are still asking for it though, so hopefully YouTube will bring it back. Until (and unless) that happens, we’re left with apps like PocketTube to pick up the slack. 

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