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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [04.06.2024]: Click here to Know More | #cybercrime | #infosec

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Social Media Hangout Details Become a Goldmine for cybercriminals
In Ahmedabad, cyber crooks exploit social media posts to scam parents, falsely claiming their children are implicated in crimes. A city doctor was tricked into believing his daughter was involved in a suicide case, prompting panic until he verified her safety. Authorities advise confirming the situation and contacting police before acting.

2. Cyber Crime Alert! Four Bengaluru Boys were caught sharing morphed photos of Schoolgirls on WhatsApp
In Bengaluru, four alumni from a private school in Pulakeshinagar were booked for morphing and sharing obscene pictures of seven schoolgirls on WhatsApp. A 17-year-old victim’s father lodged a complaint after discovering the images. The school claimed helplessness, leading the police to take action under the IT Act and IPC section 354 A.

3. Two Cybercrime Officers Arrested for Accepting 10 Lakh Bribe
In Ahmedabad, two cybercrime police officials were arrested for accepting a Rs 10 lakh bribe to expedite a cricket betting case. The main accused, Inspector B M Patel, remains at large. This follows a February incident where Junagadh inspector Taral Bhatt was arrested for extorting Rs 25 lakh from a Kerala resident.

4. Cyber Intrusion Alert: University of Hyderabad Faces High-Stakes Data Breach
The University of Hyderabad faced a data breach affecting top management and students, with user information posted on BreachForums. The breach, first reported in May 2024, involved compromised user credentials and email addresses. University officials vowed to investigate and enhance security measures while advising users to adopt vigilant cybersecurity practices.

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5. Pakistan-Linked Cyber Groups Target Indian Government and Military

India’s cybersecurity landscape faces a surge in ransomware and cyberattacks, notably from Pakistan-linked APT groups. Seqrite and DSCI’s report reveals a rise in ransomware incidents, with a significant uptick in attacks during early 2024. Proactive monitoring and attack detection are crucial to mitigating these threats effectively.


6. China Preparing for Future Cyberattacks: New NSA Chief Expresses Concerns
Air Force Gen. Timothy Haugh, U.S. Cyber Command chief, testified about a unique Chinese cyber threat targeting civilian infrastructure rather than extracting military secrets. This new form of cyber threat aims to infiltrate and potentially disrupt essential services, posing significant risks to American security.

7. Authorities Intensify Efforts to Apprehend the emote mastermind
Operation Endgame seeks information on “Odd,” the mastermind behind Emotet malware, who uses various aliases. Following the operation, which dismantled over 100 servers and led to four arrests, authorities revealed key figures in malware operations. The cybercrime community remains on high alert, suspecting insider collaboration with law enforcement.

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8. Massive International Police Operation Dismantles Ransomware Networks, Arrests Four
Operation Endgame, coordinated by EU agencies, dismantled ransomware networks, arrested four key suspects, and seized over 100 servers and 2,000 domains. The international effort, involving multiple countries, targeted major malware families, inflicting significant financial damage and demonstrating the effectiveness of global cooperation against cybercrime.

9. International Donors and Aid Beneficiaries Encounter Increased Cybersecurity Threats
Global connectivity boosts economic growth and empowerment but brings cybersecurity risks. Enhanced end-to-end cybersecurity is crucial, as digital threats undermine security. Initiatives like USAID’s Cyber Calvary and OECD policies aim to strengthen digital safety. Public-private partnerships and increased funding for cybersecurity are essential for resilient digital development.

10. Snowflake Denies Involvement in Ticketmaster and Santander Breaches
Snowflake denies responsibility for Ticketmaster and Santander Bank breaches, attributing access to a former employee’s demo account. Ticketmaster and Santander blame a third-party cloud breach without naming Snowflake. Hudson Rock claims ShinyHunters attributed multiple breaches to a single Snowflake hack. Security experts stress shared responsibility between vendors and customers.

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