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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [19.05.2024]: Click here to Know More | #cybercrime | #infosec

1 in 4 People in India will face cyber threats by March 2024
Nearly one in four Indians faced hacking attacks in the first quarter of 2024, with 22.9% encountering web-borne threats and 20.1% facing local threats. Kaspersky’s report highlights malware, especially file-less malware, as a major concern, alongside social engineering attacks like phishing. Kaspersky blocked over 12 million web threats and 16 million local incidents.

Cyber Fraud: Center Cancels 1.58 Crore Mobile Connections in One Year
The Department of Telecommunications cancelled 1.58 crore mobile connections from May 2023 to May 2024, targeting fake documents and cyber fraud. Key actions included blocking 63.46 lakh SIM cards using AI verification, 1.86 lakh phones, and 577 WhatsApp accounts involved in fraud. Details are on sancharsaathi.gov.in.

Three Arrested for Trafficking People to Cambodia for Cyber Fraud Firms
Vizag cybercrime police arrested three men for trafficking over 150 people from Vizag to Cambodia, where victims were forced into online scams. The gang targeted unemployed youth, promising data entry jobs. Victims were sold to Chinese companies and forced into cyber fraud, swindling 80–100 crore rupees.

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Odisha Crime Branch Issues Advisory on Rampant Online Investment Fraud
The Odisha CID issued an advisory warning against rising online investment frauds via WhatsApp and Telegram. In 2023, 22 cases involved 8.5 crores, while 2024 saw 25 cases with 17 crores lost. Fraudsters promise high returns, then siphon funds abroad. The public is urged to verify investments and report suspicious activities.

Cyberabad Cops Bust International Gang Using ‘Mule’ Bank Accounts for Cyber Crimes; 5 Arrested
Hyderabad police arrested five members of a gang supplying ‘mule’ bank accounts to cyber fraudsters, resulting in Rs 5 crores in fraud. The gang opened 82 accounts, lured by payments for each account, and sent credentials to Dubai. The public is warned against fraudulent online investments and sharing bank details.


Notorious Pink Drainer Retires After Reaching $85 Million Theft Milestone
In a surprise Telegram announcement, Pink Drainer, a notorious crypto-wallet draining kit, retired after stealing over $85 million in crypto assets. The developer, Pink, refused to comment and deleted the chat record. This follows similar shutdowns by Inferno Drainer and Monkey Drainer, which stole $70 million and $13 million, respectively.

Data Security Incident Hits Health Benefits Administration Firm WebTPA, Impacting 2.4 Million Individuals
Health benefits administration firm WebTPA disclosed a data security incident affecting over 2.4 million individuals. The breach, potentially involving personal information, occurred between April 18 and April 23, 2023. While no misuse has been reported, third-party experts were hired, and law enforcement notified. The breach was reported to authorities on May 8.

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Contra Costa Transit Authority in California Reports Cyberattack
Contra Costa Transit Authority in California announced a recent cyberattack on May 17. While uncertain about breached data, the authority secured its network and enlisted a cybersecurity firm for investigation. A detailed review of stored server data is underway to determine the extent of unauthorized access and potential impact.

U.S. Alleges American IT Scammer Assisted North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program Financing
The Justice Department accused over 300 U.S. companies of unwittingly employing foreign nationals tied to North Korea for remote IT jobs, sending $6.8 million overseas to fund the country’s nuclear weapons program. This exposes a network of North Korean IT workers aiding Pyongyang in evading sanctions with westerners’ assistance.

Ransomware Attacks Utilize Microsoft’s Quick Assist Feature, Warns Experts
Microsoft Threat Intelligence team warns of cybercriminals exploiting Quick Assist for social engineering attacks. Storm-1811, a financially motivated group, deploys Black Basta ransomware. By impersonating trusted contacts like Microsoft support, attackers gain initial device access through voice phishing. Microsoft advises vigilance against such tactics.

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