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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [25.05.2024]: Click here to Know More | #cybercrime | #infosec

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. India and Estonia Form Cyber Security Pact to Counter Chinese Hacking Threats
An Indian contingent participated as observers in NATO’s Locked Shields cyber security exercise in Estonia. India and Estonia aim to strengthen cyber security ties, leveraging India’s IT expertise and Estonia’s cyber security prowess. Both nations plan to collaborate against Chinese cyber threats, involving government and private sector cooperation.

2. Alert Banker Aids Police in Tracking Down Mule Accounts
An alert bank manager in Hyderabad discovered a massive cyber fraud involving mule accounts after questioning suspicious high-value transactions in a farmer’s account. This led to a probe by the TG-Cyber Security Bureau, uncovering 125 fraudulent accounts. Authorities urge immediate reporting of cyber frauds to prevent loss of funds.

3. Kolkata Cyber Crook Arrested in Connection with US Man’s Suicide
Kolkata Police arrested Md Junaid, the main accused in a fake BPO racket that duped 23 US citizens, leading to the suicide of 92-year-old US citizen Harry Tomita. The suicide charge was added after testimonies from victims. Junaid was apprehended at the city airport and will be taken into police custody.

4. Businessman Duped of Rs 95 Lakh with Promise of High Returns
A Vadodara businessman, Amit Meghani, lost Rs 95 lakh to a cyber fraud gang promising high returns on investment. Lured by an Instagram ad, he joined a WhatsApp group and was tricked into depositing money via a fake stock trading app. Meghani reported the scam to the cybercrime police.

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5. Man Loses Rs 3.6 Crore in Trading Fraud Scheme
A Chandigarh resident, Surinder Kumar Thakur, lost Rs 3.66 crore to an online trading scam. Lured by fraudsters, including one posing as a SEBI-registered assistant manager, he invested between February and March 2024. The cyber cell is investigating, noting a rise in trading scams from Southeast Asia targeting India.


6. Staff Documents Stolen in EU Parliament Data Breach
Earlier this year, hackers breached the European Parliament’s PEOPLE recruitment system, stealing sensitive data, including ID documents and work records. Discovered on April 25, the breach affected all documents in the system. The Parliament deactivated the tool and notified affected staff on May 22. Investigations are ongoing.

7. Hackers Use Rogue VMs to Evade Detection in MITRE Cyber Attack
MITRE revealed a cyber attack exploiting zero-day flaws in Ivanti Connect Secure, where hackers created rogue VMs in its VMware environment. Using compromised vCenter Server access, they deployed web shells and backdoors to maintain access. MITRE recommends enabling secure boot and provides PowerShell scripts to detect rogue VMs.

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8. Fake Antivirus Sites Spreading Malware on Android and Windows
Cybercriminals are using fake antivirus websites mimicking Avast, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes to spread malware targeting Android and Windows devices. These malicious sites distribute trojans and information thieves, such as SpyNote and Lumma. Techniques like malvertising and SEO poisoning likely aid their distribution. The trend indicates a high demand for stealthy malware.

9. Woman Jailed in UK for Laundering Bitcoin in $6.4 Billion Chinese Fraud
A woman in London was jailed for seven years for laundering proceeds from a £5 billion fraud, converting bitcoin into cash and property. She was not involved in the fraud, led by another woman. British police seized over 61,000 bitcoins valued at £3 billion, one of the largest cryptocurrency seizures globally.

10. Study Reveals Proliferation of Fake US Election-Related Accounts on X
Fake accounts discussing the U.S. presidential election are rising on social media platform X, per Cyabra’s report. 15% of accounts favoring Trump and criticizing Biden, and 7% supporting Biden and criticizing Trump, are fake. Cyabra, using machine learning, notes a significant increase in newly detected fake accounts.

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