Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by Future Crime Researchers [30.04.2024]: UK New Laws on Cyber Crime, Fraudsters arrested, Rs.1 Crore recovered, and more | #cybercrime | #infosec

Cyber Sleuths Recover 1 Crore from Fraudsters
A prompt response by a cybercrime victim in Nacharam led the TS-Cyber Security Bureau to recover Rs 1 crore from fraudsters. The victim swiftly alerted the bank and lodged a complaint within 12 minutes of discovering unauthorized transactions. TS-CSB officials intercepted the fraudulent funds before they reached the criminals’ accounts.

Nine Cyber Fraudsters were arrested for Swindling Rs 5 Crore in Gurugram
Gurugram police arrested nine cyber fraudsters accused of swindling nearly Rs 5 crore from victims nationwide. They deceived people by promising loans through online apps, extracting money under various pretexts. Recovered items include eight phones, 13 SIM cards, and six CPUs. The fraudsters face 64 cases, with Rs 4.92 crore fraud confirmed.

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Cyber Fraudsters Exploit Chief Secretary’s WhatsApp Display Picture
Unknown cyber criminals impersonated Chief Secretary A. Santhi Kumari using her WhatsApp DP, triggering a fraud case. TS Cyber Security Bureau acted swiftly, contacting WhatsApp to pull down the number. The attempt, suspected from Nepal, prompted immediate police intervention. No financial loss occurred, but similar cases involving senior officials have emerged before.

Cisco Firewalls Targeted by Zero-Day Exploits from Cyber Spies
State-sponsored cyber spies have targeted Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense firewalls since November 2023, exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities. Dubbed “ArcaneDoor,” the campaign, possibly linked to China, prompted urgent patching. Cisco credits a vigilant customer for detection and warns of potential espionage repercussions.

Viral Deepfake Video Featuring BSE CEO Prompts Investigation by South Regional Cyber Cell
South Regional Cyber Cell probes deepfake videos featuring BSE CEO Sundararaman Ramamurthy, following similar incidents involving actors Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh. Allegations of fraudulent investment advice circulated on social media prompt investigation. Akshit Jain files complaint, leading to the registration of a case under IPC and IT Act sections.”

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New ‘World First’ Laws in Britain Target Cyber Attacks on Smart Gadgets
New UK laws mandate minimum security standards for all internet-connected smart devices, banning weak default passwords. Manufacturers must prompt users to change passwords on start-up. Aimed at protecting consumers and businesses, the laws are part of a GBP 2.6 billion National Cyber Strategy to fortify online safety.

A recent study identifies Africa as a testing ground for Nation-State Cyber Warfare
Performanta, a cybersecurity firm, reveals how developing countries, particularly in Africa, serve as testing grounds for nation-state cyber attacks. Their analysis exposes rising threats, emphasizing the need for global awareness. South Africa faces significant risks, with finance, manufacturing, and energy sectors being prime targets. Collaborative defense efforts are crucial.

UK Crackdown on Cyber Attacks Bans ‘Admin’ and ‘12345’ as Passwords
The UK enforces new laws banning default and common passwords, prompting users to change them. Investigations reveal thousands of hacking attempts weekly due to weak passwords. Manufacturers must meet minimum security standards; consumers will be informed about security updates. UK aims to lead in online safety amidst growing reliance on connected devices. Some common passwords include Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, etc.

A global survey shows that more than 70% of Companies Worry About Cyber Attacks
A Munich Re survey across 15 countries reveals 72% of business leaders fear cyber attacks, with over half reporting previous incidents, primarily data theft. Concern levels vary, with Sweden at 35% and Spain at 90%. 87% believe their companies are inadequately protected, driving the cyber insurance sector’s expected growth.

Lagos State Establishes Inaugural Cyber Security Advisory Board
The Lagos State Government forms a Cybersecurity Advisory Board to develop and oversee effective cybersecurity initiatives. Comprising industry experts like Dr. Osakwe Fene and Mr. Taiye Lambo, the board aims to leverage innovative strategies, reflecting Lagos’s reputation as a leader in technology and governance.

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