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Top 10 sweet-talk phrases used by romance scammers to con their victims | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

The most common phrases lonely love-seekers have fallen for include “I’ve fallen for u” and “U know me”, according to research

The top romance scam phrases victims have fallen for include “Trust me”, and “Only u can help”(Santander/Cover Media)

Three in ten Brits (31%) have been targeted by a romance scammer, research has found – with a whopping 83% admitting they fell for it purely due to the sweet-talk used by the scammer.

Some of the top choice phrases used by con artists, that resulted in victims losing money from their accounts, include: “I’ve fallen for u”, “We’re so alike”, and “Only u can help”. And it seems that victims really have had their hearts stolen – along with their cash – as they even fell for financial manipulation, including “I’ll pay u back”, and “My £££’s frozen”.

Often, the crooks will plead for cash to fund travel to visit their targets, create a false medical emergency, or claim that access to their own bank account has been blocked.

But they clearly know just the right words to say to exploit lonely love-seekers – as 83% said they fell for the scam due to the clever language used, the way they were spoken to, or the intimate conversations they had with the scammer. And the poll of 2,000 adults found that, of those who did send money to their scammers, they parted with £2,331.50, on average.

And those who have sent money to their scammers have parted with over £2,000, on average(Santander/Cover Media)

It also emerged that, as a result of being conned, 81% admit they have been put off dating, while 67% claim they have struggled to trust a romantic partner.

The research was commissioned by Santander, which has teamed up with TV dating expert, Anna Williamson, to launch Love Hurts – a range of sweets featuring the most common phrases used by romance scammers to reel in their victims.

UK Finance data shows romance fraud increased last year, with £31.3 million worth of romance scams reported in 2022 – up from £30.9 million in 2021, and £17.8 million in 2020.

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