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Tori Roloff Put on Blast by LPBW Fans Over Car Safety: Are Her Kids Unsafe? | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

A lot of Little People, Big World fans have a lot of worries about Jackson Roloff.

Most of the focus in recent months has been on the sweet 6-year-old and the bowed growth of his legs.

However, there are other concerns among fans. This time, it’s about Lilah and Josiah.

Are Tori and Zach recklessly endangering their two youngest children?

On Instagram, Tori Roloff shared this partial selfie in July of 2023. The star of the photo is 6-year-old Jackson Roloff. (Instagram)

Tori Roloff shared this image on social media. She is sitting in the front seat of a vehicle.

Next to her, adorable 6-year-old son Jackson is standing.

They’re not driving anywhere yet — and no, Jackson is not the source of concern. Because he is not actually the only child in the photo.

Posing before a field of flowers, Tori Roloff embraces son Jackson Roloff, daughter Lilah Roloff, and baby Josiah Roloff. (Instagram)

It’s about Lilah and Josiah.

You can see that the 3-and-a-half year old and her 1-year-old brother are in their car seats in the background.

So, what’s the problem? According to a slew of concerned social media users, it’s the direction in which they are facing.

Triumph! Adorable 1-year-old Josiah Roloff tore into his birthday cake on April 30, 2023. (Instagram)

Right now, Reddit as a company is busy waging war against a lot of the social media platform’s users. But Reddit isn’t dead yet.

On a subreddit devoted entirely to the Roloff family, someone reposted Tori’s pic, asking: “Do these people not research car safety?!”

Don’t worry — OP (the Original Poster) fully explained their concerns before commenters could ask.

We adore this photo! Tori Roloff shared it with the world on Easter Sunday in 2023. (Instagram)

“In most states, including Washington, it is illegal to have your children forward-facing before 2 years old,” the redditor wrote.

“Plus, they’ll probably take longer to meet the forward-facing weight and height minimums,” OP cautioned.

The Reddit denizen explained that this is likely “because they’re little people.”

The Roloff ChildrenThe Roloff Children
It’s Jackson! And Lilah! And Josiah! Say hello to all three of Tori and Zach Roloff’s kids. (Instagram)

Then, the redditor commented: “I swear she and Audrey don’t know how to keep their kids safe in a car.”

Notably, Audrey Roloff has come under fire for possibly endangering her children while she and Jeremy promote their very specific lifestyle.

No one thinks that Tori has an “agenda” in the same way that Audrey clearly does. But redditors who commented didn’t feel that she was being responsible, either.

In early July of 2023, Tori Roloff and her husband came under fire from Redditors who felt concerned over the possibly illegal risks to the safety of their children. (Reddit)

“They just don’t care,” one commenter wrote with a tone of regret and resignation.

Another commented: “Eek so dangerous.”

“It’s so astounding how uneducated people can be regarding their child’s safety. Do they not google everything? I google EVERYTHING,” penned a third.

With LilahWith Lilah
Zach Roloff cuddles up here with his daughter, Lilah. She sure is a cutie pie, isn’t she? (Instagram)

An additional redditor noted: “Not even google, all she had to do is read the damn car seat manual! Is not that hard but seems like they just don’t care.”

Yet another commenter suggested: “Well they let them do whatever they want on the property. They never seem to be watching the kids.”

Just for the record, we checked. Washington State does require any child under two years of age to face the rear of the vehicle. Children ages 2-4 also must use a car seat, but they may face either direction.


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