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The Toronto Zoo said Monday it’s investigating the impact of a ransomware attack on its operations it first detected last week. (The Toronto Zoo/Twitter – image credit)

The Toronto Zoo announced Monday it’s been hit by a recent cybersecurity attack and as a result customer response times may be impacted.

In a news release, the zoo said it experienced a ransomware attack that was first detected last Friday.

“Zoo staff took immediate steps to start to determine the extent of the incident,” reads the release.

“We are investigating the impact, if any, to our guests, members and donor records.”

The zoo said animal wellbeing, care and support systems have not been impacted by the attack, and the zoo will continue to be open to guests. Additionally, it said its website wasn’t impacted, ticket purchases can continue online and notes that it doesn’t have any credit card information stored on hand.

But, it said, response times for customers trying to contact zoo staff over the next few days may be impacted.

“We will be keeping you updated as we learn more,” the zoo said.

The incident is the latest in a string of cybersecurity attacks against provincial and municipal public organizations this past year, including the LCBO, multiple Ontario hospitals and mostly recently Toronto Public Library, which is still recovering its operations.

The zoo, which is owned by the City of Toronto, said it has reported the incident to Toronto police and is working with the city’s Chief Information Security Office and third-party cyber security experts to resolve the situation

“Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming more and more common and we are grateful we took steps over the past few years to upgrade our technology infrastructure,” the zoo said.


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