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Toy magnets could ‘rip through’ child’s intestines, parents warned | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey


Talk about a trouble magnet.

Magnetized toys may be popular — but the parts themselves can be extremely dangerous for your little one, according to experts.

A new video shared by @tinyheartseducation, a child safety organization started by former paramedic Nikki Jurcutz and her sister, Rach Waia, warned that in many cases the magnets can “rip through” a child’s intestines if ingested.

In the clip, they used a magnetic, reusable water balloon as an example.

“This toy contains something dangerous,” they wrote, as they opened up the water balloon to reveal small, strong silver magnets binding it together.

“The magnets aren’t even securely attached,” the text read, as they were able to remove the offending articles. “And they are small enough for a child to swallow. Also very strong.”

To highlight what can happen if a child swallows a magnet, they stuck one of the tiny magnets in a slice of deli meat.

In the TikTok, the creators showed off the kind of toy they were talking about.
They explained that the magnets could easily come out of the toys.

They then attached another one, illustrating that the magnets can still stick together if ingested.

“The magnets could lock together through the walls of the intestines,” they claimed. “And tear through, or cause blockages.”

“Urgent surgery is required to remove the magnets,” the message concluded.

In the comments section, many parents admitted they didn’t know the potential hazards that magnetic toys can have.

“I didn’t know this!” one person wrote. “Thank you for sharing!!”

They used a piece of meat to illustrate what could happen inside a child’s intestine.
The magnet could pierce through a child’s insides.

Another agreed, typing, “Never thought of this. thank you.”

“Thanks, I told my sis and she tossed hers!” a second TikTokker typed. “I reminded her that the reg water balloons are awful and hazardous for kids and the environment too.”

Others pointed out that there are other brands of reusable water balloons that don’t contain magnets.

“These are so dangerous – I bought the cheap version for my son, no magnets, just silicone. No difference in function,” someone wrote.

Reusable water balloons can especially be dangerous.

Unfortunately, there have already been cases of children swallowing magnetic toys.

Last month, Jade Berriman, 31, said that her 2-year-old daughter, Meliyah-Jayd, had to undergo emergency surgery after she swallowed six colorful magnetic “fidget” balls that burned four holes in her small bowels, Kennedy News and Media reported.

As a result, Meliyah-Jayd had 40 centimeters of her bowel removed and was left with a permanent, 12cm scar.

“Her body was poisoning her,” her mom told the outlet at the time.

“She was so floppy and weak she couldn’t hold herself up. She was choking on her own vomit and we had to hold her up.”

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