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Traffic safety tips as students return to school | #schoolsaftey

It’s back to school time in Bellevue, with students returning to classrooms this week and next. Classes at Bellevue School District start Tuesday, Sept. 5; Issaquah schools start Tuesday, Aug. 29; and Renton School District will start on Wednesday, Aug. 30. Children in Bellevue attend schools in all three districts.

The start of the school year is a good time to review safety tips for driving, walking and rolling. Please keep the following in mind when you’re out on the road:

Follow the speed limit, including the 20-mph limit in school zones. The city has school zone photo enforcement cameras around several elementary schools, and police regularly patrol near schools.

Stop for school buses when their lights are flashing or the stop paddle is out. Many Bellevue school buses have stop paddle cameras. Drivers who illegally pass a bus may be issued a $438 citation. See the school bus stopping diagram for more information.

Slow down and watch for children walking, biking and rolling around schools. Drive respectfully and predictably around schools, especially during arrival and dismissal times.

Follow parking laws when picking up and dropping off children. Parking within 30 feet of a stop sign, within 20 feet of an intersection or within 5 feet of a driveway is not allowed. Do not stop in the street for pick up/drop off, as it adds to congestion and is unsafe. Read our guide on parking laws for more information.

To reduce traffic, students – and their adults – are encouraged to consider walking, biking, carpooling or taking the bus to school. The Bellevue SchoolPool program, a collaboration between the City of Bellevue, King County Metro and Bellevue School District, encourages and provides resources for carpooling, biking, walking and taking a bus.

If you are not traveling to school, please try to avoid school areas during arrival and dismissal times.
For more information about traffic safety near schools, visit School Traffic Safety. Together, we can keep our community safe!

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