Trafficking survivor ‘told to blame Muslims’ in Lords speech | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Joel: Why do you choose to continue to engage in these exchanges? It can’t be easy, always trying to correct the record and suffering abuse because of it.

Caitlin: Because if people like me don’t speak up, those that don’t know much about this stuff will continue to believe that it’s a strictly Muslim issue. And that will cause problems for both victims who aren’t being abused by Muslims, and for the Muslim community.

People are told to “look for the signs”. But if they don’t think white abusers exist, they’re not going to think much when they see a white man taking a girl somewhere. Because they’re expecting it to be a Muslim guy. They’re also not going to think as much when they see a Muslim girl. There’s a myth that no one touches Muslim girls, but they do. There were Muslim girls trafficked within the same ring I was. It happens to them as well. So if we think of it as just a Muslim issue, many victims are going to be missed, and many perpetrators are not going to go to prison.

Meanwhile, it creates racial tension that puts innocent Muslims in harm’s way. Look at the guy who attacked the migrant centre in Dover last year. He went in with petrol bombs, and from what I’ve heard he was shouting “this is for what you’ve done to our girls,” or something like that. It’s all coming from the same far right.

Editor’s note: Andrew Leak, the suspected perpetrator at Dover, was found dead shortly after the attack. According to the Guardian, in his final tweet he said he planned to “obliterate Muslim children”. Further reporting by KentOnline shows other posts in which Leak explicitly drew connections between Muslims, grooming and child rape.

Joel: Do you worry about how your online engagement might affect your family?

Caitlin: I’m very, very careful. I’ve protected my identity in full. People don’t know my name, they don’t know which area I live in. It’s going to be very hard for them to do anything offline to me.

And my children don’t know my history at all. Not a speck of it. Any material around my book, it’s not in this house. There’s absolutely no shred of evidence of my history because I don’t want them to know. I don’t want them to know where they’re from because I think they’re too sensitive for that.

But at the same time, a lot of what I do is based on my history. It can feel like a double life sometimes.

Joel: What do you think makes child sexual exploitation and child trafficking so attractive to that group of people?

Caitlin: A lot of the people who listen to far-right figures like Tommy Robinson are really vulnerable. And, as a parent, if I heard what he said without having the experiences I do, I might easily think, ‘I need to keep my kids away from these people.’ Parents wondering what’s going to happen to their daughters, parents trying to keep their daughters safe – that’s what it preys on and where the far right finds a large part of its audience.

There’s a drawing circulating right now online. It’s quite graphic, of a blonde girl being abused by several Muslim men. One’s holding a Qur’an. On the other side there’s the father trying to get to his daughter, but the police are holding him back.

It’s really powerful. And if I didn’t know what I know, it would put fear in me.

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