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Transform Your Towel Bar Into Open Shelving With This Easy IKEA Hack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

The MOSSLANDA picture ledge in the color “birch effect” is the star of this hack. Currently, you can find it on IKEA’s online store for about $17, but comments under the video indicate that it may be even cheaper at your local IKEA warehouse. To match your bathroom’s decor style, you can choose from five colorways including black, pale pink, white, walnut effect, and white stained pine effect. For the damage-free hanging adhesives, you’ll want a sturdy option that supports the shelf and the decorations’ weight. We recommend the Large Picture Hanging Strips or the Heavyweight XL Picture Hanging Strips from Command.

To create your open shelving, you’ll first need to make sure that your shelf will fit onto your towel bar. According to the listing on IKEA, this shelf has a width of 21 ⅝ inches. Once you’re certain that the shelf will work with your existing towel bar, you can add your Command strips to the longer edge of your shelf, which is also where the barcode and product information stickers should be located.

In the TikTok video, we see the creator flip hers upside down and push it flush against the wall. Depending on the Command strips you’re using, you may need between two and four to make sure it will hold to the wall. Then, you simply press it into place, and voilà, you have a new decorative shelf for your bathroom.


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